Reptile Adventures

"Because learning should be fun"



Reptile Adventures is a 501c3 (non-profit) organization whose mission is to inspire worldwide wildlife education and conservation to the public.

Company motto

"Because learning should be fun."

Company goal

To build a world class reptile zoo/museum that combines modern and prehistoric reptiles in fully immersive exhibits. Reptile Adventures wants to inspire and create awareness for wildlife conservation, while creating a fun atmosphere for the public. All while building up our public outreach program for more classroom visits.

How you can help with the mission, motto and goal!

If you want to help contribute to our mission, in making this amazingpark possible, you can donate and help achieve this amazing park. Remeber all donations large and small-are greatly apretiated! 
If you would like to see how this can benefit you and your organization, please contact us.

Jason Dunn #801-898-3004 
 reptile[email protected]